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Siemens Industrial EdgeDatabase Connectors
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Reliability and System Stability

The axtesys MSSQL Connector makes your Siemens industrial Edge Device ready for transmitting data to your Databases anywhere in the world.

We ensure fail-safe transmission of your data via the data bus. A built-in buffer and the detection of a failure in the transmission ensure that none of your data is lost and that it is also correctly transmitted afterwards. The Siemens Industrial Edge Device continues to record the data from your machines, stores it temporarily and transfers it as soon as the connection is restored.

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Simple Configuration

The simple configuration with the Siemens Common Configurator allows you to configure the application in the familiar Siemens interface you are already used to. The standardized configuration interfaces from Siemens unify the tried and tested, well-thought-out user interface, making it standardized and used across all applications.

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Use Case - Sensor Data Transmission

For temperature monitoring, various sensors are used onsite. The sensor data is written into a global MSSQL database using the Siemens Industrial Edge IPC and the axtesys connector. The continuously incoming data is subsequently analyzed globally and displayed live on a dashboard in form of graphs and gauges. With this solution, a clear dashboard was created, allowing users to instantly access all relevant information about the sensors at a glance. And the best part is that the dashboard can be accessed from anywhere, whether on a PC or on the go using a mobile phone.

With the IDR Library, we also demonstrated how much the data can be reduced without losing meaningful information. In this case, up to 80% of the bandwidth could be saved.

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IDR - Intelligent Data Reduction

IDR intelligently reduces large quantities of sensor data to the essential measurement data for the course of your business process. This reduces network load for transmitting Big Data by up to 90%. This library can be combined with the Connector apps to save you bandwith!

For more information please visit our IDR Library Website

Some Areas of Application

Temperature: Storage rooms or cold storage facilities like Food or pharmaceuticals
Particles: Water quality monitoring: Industry, municipal administrations, health authorities
Gases: Fine dust monitoring: Industry, municipal administrations, health authorities
Machine Monitoring: Storage technology, production, transportation

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Use Case - Factory Data Evaluation

Displaying real-time production data on a mobile device at a different location is a real challenge. With the MSSQL Connector App from axtesys, the data at the factory is taken from the IIH databus in the common payload format and securely transferred over the internet to a global database. Based on this, a dashboard is hosted, which uses the database as its data source and can display the data in near real-time.

For more information please visit our IDR Library Website

Customer Value

Factory data is accessible remotely
Real-time data from the factory at the push of a button
Better and global monitoring
Faster Reaction Times
Saving Time and Money

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Questions, suggestions or ideas?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about the axtesys MSSQL Connector or if you have any suggestions or ideas to make the application even better!


If you encounter issues with our applications, you can also refer to the online documentation. There you will find a user manual, code examples, and frequently asked questions and much more!

If your questions were not answered there, feel free to contact us, and we will personally take care of your concerns.

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About axtesys

Since 2010, axtesys has been implementing successful software projects. Whether it's automating interfaces, integrating new systems, developing entire web portals, or creating individual solutions, axtesys is your reliable partner in almost all areas of the software world. With over 70 employees, we cover nearly all technologies, frameworks, and programming languages and are happy to help you solve your challenges.

And most importantly, the joy of collaboration is key for us, as we only deliver products to our clients that we ourselves are proud of.

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Connect now!

Don't waste any time and take the step into the new era! Utilize your globally distributed data for dashboarding, synchronization, new insights, analysis or any other usages. The possibilities are endless!

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[1] Configure your connector quickly and easily via the IIH Common

[2] The IIH Databus Gateway makes the data available at the IE Databus

[3] Using the various connections, data can be transferred to the database, as well as read and transferred from the database to the data bus

[4] Databases can be connectedfrom anywhere in the world

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